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  • 07 August, 2021

  • By: Raman Shrestha
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The Tradition of Wearing Jewelries

In Hinduism, Jewelries are mostly associated with Gods and Goddesses. By wearing these jewels, you are requesting immunity from these holy forces. It's also a kind of blessing.

  • 26 June, 2021

  • By: Raman Shrestha
  • Read: 4 min
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Why Arrange Marriages Are Still Trending in Nepal?

Hindus believe that marriages are made in heaven, When their son or daughter reaches marriageable age, their parents search for a groom or wife by relatives or people they meet, who is known as middlemen or "Lami" in Nepali.

  • 15 June, 2021

  • By: Raman Shrestha
  • Read: 3 min
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Is rain on wedding day lucky?

Rain is considered lucky because it indicates that you will have children, that you will be cleansed of your sorrows and difficult times in the past, and that you will be given a new chapter of your life.