Weddings In The Time Of Pandemic

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  • 04 June, 2021
  • Raman Shrestha
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Weddings In The Time Of Pandemic

In a regular season, many Nepalese will be shopping for new sarees, buying presents for the couples, and practicing dance moves with cousins to attend weddings almost every other week. But, as we all know, 2020 was not a typical year. The global pandemic and the social-distancing measures enacted to combat COVID-'19 's propagation have largely ruled out massive crowds, and many people have been even more reluctant to travel far from home.

Weddings have been drastically scaled-down, rescheduled, or canceled. The gauzy, fluttery lehenga you bought for a friend's now-postponed wedding hangs solemnly in your closet like a delicate question mark in the air. 2020's and 2021’s wedding season, which will be nearly non-existent, appears to be weird. And there is a good chance that this strangeness will last and that weddings as we know them, grand, festive affairs attended by extended family and friends, won't be the rule for a long time.

With only 17 weddings date in the last Nepali year i.e. 2077, COVID 19 ruined the marriage plans of many couples. However, the couples were ready for marriage in the very first month of the year 2078. The early marriage dates were utilized by most of the couples before the government implemented the lockdown due to the second wave of the pandemic, COVID 19 in Nepal since last months of the previous year. The government had allowed for conducting a marriage ceremony with the limited people numbering 25 and following all the safety measures.

Naturally, the thought of a bigger, more low-key wedding became increasingly enticing to the couple, and that is just what they did. The pair also intends to hold a larger party later, after all is secure and sanctions have been lifted. When the coronavirus first struck, several couples postponed their weddings until next season. However, since the pandemic has lasted longer than many of those couples expected, some are resorting to what a wedding website has called smaller ceremonies. These are pared-down, minimalist activities for only their families, small enough to conform to size restrictions on meetings and also to responsibly exercise social distancing.

The couples who had intended to marry this summer have ditched their grandiose ambitions in favor of a smaller ceremony. This is particularly true for those who wish to marry as soon as possible in order to start a family. Couples that are, maybe optimistically, rescheduling their weddings for later this year are more popular.

So, what if your family or friends are planning a wedding and you are required to attend? When it comes to deciding whether or not to attend a wedding, the finer points matter. Are you planning on attending a wedding where everyone but the bride and groom is separated by at least six feet during the ceremony and reception? This is cooler than attending a typical wedding, where everyone is crammed into one room for the service and reception.

If you plan on attending a wedding and want to be as healthy as possible, follow the usual COVID-19 safety guidelines. That involves keeping a safe distance from others, wearing a mask, and washing your hands well with soap and water on a regular basis. Often, strive to stop offering hugs and kisses, and keep a distance of at least six feet between you and the people you are talking to.